İşe Alım Sürecimiz

  • 1) Açık Pozisyonlarımızı İnceleyin ve Başvurun

    Search for suitable vacancies by job category, experience level or location.

    Apply with our simple and quick online application form, or use your LinkedIn and Monster profile to apply even faster

  • 2) Telefon Mülakatı

    After applying, if you are successful you will be contacted by one of our recruitment team for a telephone interview. During the call you will be asked about your experience and given additional information about the role you have applied for.

  • 3) Yüz Yüze Mülakat

    If your skills match the role, you will move on to the interview stage. This may be a Skype meeting or face to face interview, usually with the hiring manager.

    You may then have a number of other interviews with key stakeholders before a final decision is made.

  • 4) Süreçle ilgili Geri Bildirim

    If the feedback is positive, we will call you explaining the offer, otherwise you receive an email.