Our Values

CRIF is a global company that is continuously growing and developing, operating across 4 continents with a direct presence in more than 30 countries, and where women account for almost half the workforce. Working for CRIF means innovating, having passion, and thinking outside the box. As a member of our team you can improve your skills and develop your potential, contributing to the growth of the company, whatever your role.


The constant search for new talent has led us to work with universities and national training institutions over the years. We have in fact initiated and organized the teaching for master's degrees and advanced training courses for recent graduates. Moreover, we offer 6-month training internships to help create tomorrow's managers.

Growing in CRIF

CRIF has identified various areas for development in order to build a fertile environment to enable growth in potential, as well as for the career opportunities of every employee and co-worker. We offer our talent frontline support, providing the possibility to attend training courses based on their professional profile, and offering real opportunities to increase the skills and knowledge of everyone.

Smart Pioneers

To be efficient and agile, you need to be smart, and for this reason we opened CRIF Campus at our HQ, the pioneering new smart working offices. Being innovation pioneers is in our DNA, and so you’ll find a welcoming and smart environment in all our offices around the world.

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